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lescalier: major fire at tissue factory

lady was trapped in those flames!
lady was trapped in those flames!

UPDATE: fire started on ~ friday 12:30, i am doing this update not at saturday 17:40, the fire is still raging onm posing a great problem to the fire fighters and surrounding areas.

:( UPDATE 18 oct 08, the lady the people saved died, life sux sometimes
Please scroll down for the video of that sad day.
Today is a sad day for lescalier, the tissue factory where a lot of locals use to work had a major fire that could have proved fatal for one lady working there.

Well being present there, i have recorded a few of those scary moments.

First of all sorry for the low quality image and sound [and curse words, since there were lots of people around and i don’t have control on their language].

Secondly, i was unable to record the moment when the lady was rescued, because i was too busy trying to find a way to help with others the lady who was trapped in the fire, though i wasn’t of much use :(, am happy she got saved though, i really feared the worst and was damned fucken happy when the guys managed to get her out].

exact position where the metal panes were broken
exact position where the metal panes were broken to get the lady out

Anyways, here’s the full news.

I was playing pool when i heard some women shouting and crying, i rushed out and saw smoke coming from the factory, i was casually walking down there to see what the problem was when i heard even more cries, which made me hurry the pace, i was by then joined by some other friends.

When i got there i was in shock, most of the workers were out on the road and the factory was burning in a hell of a fire. I tried to find what i can do and asked around if there were still people around, in all those shouts a few managed to say yes there’s a lady still trapped there (“pas facile sa bann madam la o liE zot p dir kinn arivE, zot p bour pli boukou tapaz.”), it was then that the youngsters in the villagestarted to try to find a way to get her out [i was running around to find some secure way in, but hell there was no way in :(].

Finally, some people started to break the metal “linposte” stuffs to try to get the woman out, and while doing so some were throwing in buckets of water inside [in the hope of keeping the fire away from the lady (still the smoke was the great threat)]. In the mean time another group [i was in the group] were orderred to circle the buildingĀ  and find if there were other persons inside the building, thankfully, there was no one.

Finally one pane of metal was broken, due to the unbearable heat the lady wanted to get out, which made the rescue even more complicated, since the people breaking the metal panes could potentially hurt her if she was there, then a dude [a moron.. ohh well i guess he was trying to help], wanted to pull the woman by force through those metal panes, ofcourse that might have kill the woman. Thankfully the youngsters managed to tell him to f*ck off and they started to break the metal panes with care and finally managed to extract the lady successfully šŸ˜€ [i was happy, coz i was hell scared]

but seeing her condition i was soon again worried if it was too late, she was unconscious and seemt in bad shape, her pulse was checked and immediately she was taken to the nearest hospital by the factory’s security.


“Tout les temp L’escalier, surtout La sourdine ti ena 1 gro problem ar bann droguerr seki ena parti laba, always being seen in a bad eye, mais zordi, c parmi la majoritE bann premier sur les lieu(apart ceux ki y travaille) )et kinn aide sap lavie sa mamzel la…. nou vraiment kapav dir zordi ‘NU FIERE DE MEME NU BANN DROGUERR!’ ”

After everything all this, and after a roll call was made, everyone waited for the fire services to come … and for the police to come while watching the flames eat the once proud building [am sadddd, i liked that place]. It was then that i started recording a few video clips of the day and taking some pictures.

thick black smoke
thick black smoke

Sure there were a few people who after everything was done now starts to as if give orders and explain “ahh wi, sa ti bizin fer cumsa cumsa etc..”.

ena meme ki ti p rod prend credit pou inn sap sa mamzel la, mais mo ti p dir franc moi, monn trouvE kii kiĀ  piti inn sap mamzel la, alor pa vinn bez kout bass.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, there was no exit door at the back of the factory! this caused quite a trouble.

Thicks smoke coming from inside
notice the thick black smoke
notice the flames inside
notice the flames inside

Finally the firemen came, then the cops, and soon the cries and shout gave place to lots of questions etc.. A huge crowd was around, and when the MBC and journalists started to appear, i saw a few people go home to take a shower and come back in lightning speed dressed in great clothes …

There were even people who were not here since the beginning who started to give lots of description of what happenned [we really do have a lot of oracles here who can see both in the past and the future]

The village has sufferred quite a lot with this, many will be jobless, and well.. please come and invest in lescalier, probably you’ll help in providing new jobs and help those who went through this and lost their jobs because of an accident.. [am pretty sure the factory is not going to open up again here.. i have my reasons to believe so.. but then, hunch are hunch]

more pics:

Sorry for the foul languages and sometimes jokes and laughs of the public, some people seem to find that as a “gamattt”

the Fire started at around 12:30, i am writing this post at 18:28, the fire fighters are still fighting the fire, it is still undefeatable as of yet..