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NOTE: Heimdal is discontinued by csis mauritius, contact for more information regarding this product.Heya people,  i know that many among you keep having infected pcs and / or lost stolen facebook or msn accounts and stuffs like these.

Bein dans travail nu in develop i truk ki pou empeche sa bann truk la arrivE. Essaie sa, si zot gagne problem signale moi. :p Don’t expect me to repair your comp next time if you don’t have this running on your machine. This helps making your computer more secure.

Bon wei, osi, si zot install li et zot send feedback de produit la zot mett refererr comme sch, bein mo pou gagne 1 voyaz lareunion, bein li win win la, zot si zot gagne tirr sa stress virus et faille securitE la lor zot masinn.

Enfin, si mo p vouch pou sa, bein mo pensE mo mot assE.


donc ki zot fer pou download?

Visit sa laddress la:
login is:
password: sch

download the heimdal agent, install it, and you’ll see how much problems you shall free yourself from!

et li fer tou automatik, sa meme monn pensE zot pou mari appreciE sa.

bon zis pou windows sa.

Pa Blier send feedback de sa produit la, et osi kan zot p send feedback, referrer c’est “

till then, later! signal moi si zot p gagne probs ar sa.


10 thoughts on “Try out heimdal”

  1. @ yasir: moris/

    @ roushdat. automatically finds and patches components that have security flaws in your machine. no security flaws = no mainstream attacks possible.

    @eddy, yup.

  2. Hello Selven,

    I tried several times to go on your websites but it doesn’t connect. It seems the websites is down. Could you confirm?

    Mo bien interresé par ca zaffair la. Mo connais en ta dimoun ki p utilise windows, so I always propose zot to install Linux and it works great.


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