Google offered in mauritian Creole

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Being sick since yesterday from a hell of a fever, i was unable to go to work, hence stayed at home, i was googling for some stuffs [i don’t know what] or i just instinctively typed, and then i noticed sometihng… offered in: français Kreol morisien

I was like, wtf??? since when??? I guess its probably since today… anywayz check this out

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kind of funny πŸ˜€ [resers, preferans, and what i prefer the most… ‘Bann zouti lingwistik‘]

hehehe this really sound cool :D.

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lol check sa .. pli bon enkor

Internet bann zimaz(Bann zimaz!!!)Β  Bann group Directory (I guess they forgot to change that :D)

********** |Β Mo kont |Β Klike pou sorti <–nice πŸ˜€

Tou lor Google <– πŸ˜€ each time am seeing “Trou lor google” there πŸ˜€

and on the preferens page :

ResersΒ Tiyo |Β Tou lor Google <– tiyo? πŸ˜€ enfaite tiyo la c help.html!

EDIT: More stuffs from google, it seems that google will be having a cache here at Mauritius for the whole africa… yes local google cache servers in our lil island to serve the whole of africa.. definitely google seems to be in love with Mauritius :D:D:D.

What does google cache means for us? I guess we shall have faster access to google service… am already dreaming about youtube being cached here [imagine :D] ..that would be too cool :D:D:D.

Plus we can get other advantages, e.g google cache page for search results [i almost always uses that since it is most of the time faster to load… now it shall be FASTEST.

Another stuff that is nice is that we can use faster :D:D:D well … i already have a nice habit of using a lot :D.

I don’t know if all these are getting cached, but the way this was said in the mbc news.. it did seemed to be a big project [unfortunately, i googled about it, couldn’t find much info.. or i may be lazy to go through all the pages :)]

Your comments? πŸ˜€ Anywayz, i wonder if this is old news.

13 thoughts on “Google offered in mauritian Creole”

  1. thanks for letting me know yashwin πŸ˜€
    πŸ˜€ monn set google en creole la moi πŸ˜€ mari nissa sa.

    waaaa joyshan franc tou mort ar riE sa

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