LUGM 13/6/9 Meeting

Linux user group of mauritius meeting NEW DATE

Dear Members & non members,

You are invited for our monthly lug meeting this saturday the 6th 13th of june 2009 (13/6/9).

There shall be a presentation to be done by me (i haven’t yet decided on a topic yet, but it shall be quick and painless).

Please note that we might be talking about the registration status. Hopefully there’ll be some new people who might attend,

so if there’s some few cool tips or tools you might wanna share bring em there.

ps. I wonder if we can have a 3 minutes [each older members] presenting a tip each (if ever there are new members).

That’ll be kind of nice. Let me know what you think of it.

Date: 6/6/9 POSTPONED to next week 13/6/09 (reason: lack of confirmations) ( Please drop us a confirmation mail at ” discuss  AT  lugm   dot   org”)
Time: 10:30 AM Maurtian time
Location: Linkbynet, 2nd Floor BG court, St jean, Quatres Bornes
Technical presentation to be done by Selven.

Here’s a map for your convenience

Please confirm your presence. Last date for cancelation of the meeting
is thursday at 23hr59.


Secretary of the LUG

ps. You don’t need to be a linux guru to attend :)

EDIT: Meeting went extremely well, it was fun!

4 thoughts on “LUGM 13/6/9 Meeting”

  1. I would come if I actually knew something about Linux. I’ve only used Ubuntu and I haven’t experimented with what’s ‘under the hood’. I’m also not free on Saturday :(

  2. i am extremely sorry curious engine and everyone else, the president just informed me that due to lack of confirmation the meeting has been postponed to next week. [which is why i asked you all to join the mailing list to confirm your presence]

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