Lugm meeting

Hi people, just a note .. tommorrow there’s a linux user group meeting, if anyone’s interested, join us [normally the news is posted on the lugm’s mailing list.


Hello valued member of the lugm,
  Please note that this saturday, the 11th of April 2009, there is a
LUGM meeting (Linux user group of Mauritius).
All executive members are required to be present as there will be some
urgent issues to attend to.
Please note that this will not be just an executive members meeting,
we will also be having a presentation,
presentation which will be performed by Someone. The presentation is titled:

“Performance improvement on LAMP platforms —
building big websites with tight budgets.”

Members of the public are invited and can bring along other people
curious about linux and/or unix.

Please note that the meeting will start at 10:30 AM, GMT + 4.

Agenda: [1] LUGM renaming and registration process
             [2]  Presentation

Venue: LinkByNet indian Ocean office at Quatre Bornes, BG court 2nd
floor. (A map can be found here )

hope to see some new faces there :)


5 thoughts on “Lugm meeting”

  1. missed this post… pfff.. would have come sinon..

    whats this lugm thing?? any offcial website from where we can get more info about this?

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