Did Ebay really got hacked?

a screen shot

Reading this entry in slashdot, and some comments in digg, I found out that there was a video of it…but well.. we are greeted with a ” This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”… i am really beginning to believe that this might be true… we must also not forget that part of their forum had to be taken down also… so… :p

ps. I forgot to mention, i have got a local copy of the video :) [11MB]

Cover ups cover ups… smells cover ups

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additional notes: As you can see, ebay has denied those here, but don’t you believe that the speed at which the video was taken off youtube and the removal of that part of ebay was done a bit too hastily? come on if something was good, they wouldn’t have taken it out….

ps. Roushdat out of some crazy idea has started to spread rumors that i am behind this, dude, i am not that good, i’ll spank you if you say such things.


etats evisserped & moderob

I’m bored, no idea what to write.. guess from where this is:


you’ve only spent a second of your life
my world is unaffected, there is an exit here
I say it is and then it’s true,
there is a dream inside a dream,
I’m wide awake the more I sleep
you’ll understand when I’m dead


some hours later:

hmm mo p gagne envi fer spike are mo CV enkor, and mo p envi grow a small beard :p, mo p gagne envi osi re-start going to the gym again.



le souffleur dans LESCALIER sa korek

wai, assE ar sa do matelot, 4 marrons par la vini p persistE ar moi lot fois la, about what? The location of “Le souffleur”

Zot tou p diskitE ki li trouve dans souillac,

pli bez enkor, ena 1 tifi p fer BSc international Relations, li dir, “b le souffleur trouve dans souillac meme sa, mo rest la ba mo pa pou konE? En+ mo p fer BSc international relations, mo sippozE conn tou sa moi” (i wonder what doing bsc int relations has to do with that.)

Baaaaap mo rest dans lescalier moi, mo konE kot li trouvE, li trouve dans lescalier do bann zenfant lakaz!

Le Souffleur in lescalier

Le souffleur est a l’escalier

ALA so coordinate  20°29’17.77″S, 57°39’10.45″E  (thanks roushdat)

pour preve, monn amenn 1 zoli ti map pou zot kapav get li bien, bann piti fer international Relationship la zot kapav ouvert zot liziE get bien.

Zot persistE ar moi, mo pa persistE kan mo pa konn 1 kitsoz moi! grrr en+ tifi la paret coumadir vraiment li pensE le souffleur trouve dans souillac, souillac my ass!

Pa kokin lescalier so bann site naturel, volerrrrr.

additional note: 1 bon baz suicide sa

Got conned into buying one… the beginning

fake ipods are called chipod  note: fake ipods are called chipod, refer to wikipedia.

it started on 20/08/07

Needed something to listen to music, so I decided to buy something to listen to music, googled a bit about the price at froogle of an ipod nano, found it to be around $114, (lil did i know that even on the the net those fake stuffs were being sold), so i just went to RoseHill to get myself one, which I saw around Rs.3500, I asked my friends to come with me… since as a shopper, am not really good, usually, i go in, pay and take it without checking and arguing. Anywayz, went in a store called Crystal fluid located in the Ground floor No.28 in the Royal Complex Commercial Centre, RoseHill Tel. 2940959.

So there were ipods look alike in the window which did seemt like neat copies, and tagged at Rs.3500 for 2 GigaBytes ‘ipod nanos’. So I went, paid and took one, asked the guy to test it, there was some problem in charging, but i supposed since the stuff wasn’t charged previously that its normal that it is taking its time, so finally, he gave me the earphone to hear some a music, he quickly took it out and packed everything in a nice really look alike Ipod nano’s box, (evenwritten made in california etc..). Prend recu etc.. I went home happilly.

It was only in the bus that i decided to read the manual, when i saw that shit, i said what the fuck, it was gibberish, example of a phrase in it (all phrases seems to make no sense), e.g “Support most 99 statures catalogues in one class are of music document and the recording document broadcast” or “The customer grows to press PLAY key, the system shut down.”

I got pissed off, I decided to return that shit then ext day, i went there, the woman talked like a bitch and said that “b non,ou ti bizin guetE avant ou prend, mo pa pou kapav retourne sa pou ou moi”, after insisting, she said “b vini dimain 3hr”, I wasn’t free the next day, didn’t go, I checked the stuff at home, found that this shit had tried to launch a virus on my system, virus which later i found out that it was “jeefo-a”. (lol poor virus, it chose the wrong computer to infect). Anywayz, I decided to not care about returning it, as am not free at the time that bitch told me to come on those days, so i tried to copy music on it to listen…

hehe, bad surprise, actually, that stuff wasn’t 2GB, (linn mal soizir dimoune pou couyonE), there was a software layer that was in the firmware itself that was making it spoof extra space when space didn’t even exist, I later found out (googling etc..), that I could find out the real disk size, found it to be 700MB, the system was great to fool ppl, when let’s say you can copy only 5 songs, you tried to copy 10 songs, you will have 10 files, but 5 of em are pointing to already existing nodes of previous existing songs, or the old ones points to the new file nodes, which means, 2 songs can become actually the same thing… but usually this resulted in “format error” when trying to play with that. Definitely I no more wanted it, i wanted to return it back, but before i wanted to hear the quality of the sound, quality was BAD, CRAP CRAP CRAP. Anywayz, pas zis sa, the battery lasted only 5 minutes, so i placed it to charge, 1hr, 3 hrs, 6hrs of charging, meme couyonad, lerr mo met santE zuE, it usually only lasted for 5 mins and then say battery empty, and shuts down.

Donc sa lundi la, mo all magasin ar bann camarad mo dir boug la kavE sa, bein apparement, sogarson ki proprio magasin la, donc, li dir nou vini lendemain.

Unfortunately, the next day, my friends wanted to go home early (damned why did they do that!), anywayz, i went there alone, I explained the guy my problem, li coummence donne moi 1 lecture saying sa “get sa garson, mo gagne droit vann sa bann Ipod la, la loi donn moi raison, boukou magasin vann sa, moi si mo gagne droit, personn pa pou kapav fer moi narien” (hmm I had to resist a lot not to punch him and eat his brains, but i calmed myself down).

Anywayz, boug la continiE allE meme, mo dir li “bon assE ar tou sa, ou pou retourne moi 1 lot, ou bien ou pou retourn moi mo kass ou bien ki ou pou fer??”

Boug la dir.. “okie, mo pou retourne ou 1, *li prend Ipod la li guetE, li testE verifiE ki vraimeme ena 1 problem”, li dir ok mo pou retourne 1 la, *li dir so madame montrE moi 1 lot Ipod*”

Lerr mo p get lot Ipod la, boug la inn ouvert Ipod seki mo ti amenE la, Linn debouss li macro la!!!!, lerla li dir moi,

“Aaaaiiiie, get sa bez la, b linn fini debousE sa, mo pa kapav fer narien, ou inn debouss sa, b ou waranty inn void, pa kapav fer narien, sorti depi dans mo magasin allE, et mo dir ou 1 consey, ou pa pou kapav fer narien contre moi”.

mo Reponn li mo dir “ki ggt sa, ou inn debouss sa la devant moi aprE ou dir sa”

aster so madamme criE li dir “arryoo, misiE la coz menti, guettE couma li virr cozE, ou meme inn ouvert sa aster ou dir nou inn ouvert sa!”

Not only did i get treated as a liar, but also, done openly like that, I hate ppl lying like that,
this gets me pissed off, now i wanted to deface that bitch right there, ohhh the feeling was rising, i wanted to do it, I would have felt soo good doing it, i wanted to rip open the owners mouth, put the damned Ipod in his mouth and force him to eat it, i wanted to rip all his teeth out, this feeling was rising, i knew i had to get the heck out of there before I’ll actually do it, that feeling was increasing minute by minute, I didn’t wanna take law in my hands, I quickly told the man,

“B si ou pa ti envi sanze li meme, kifer ou inn fer tou sa palab la, remonte sa ipod la mo p allE moi”, li remonte sa, aprE, mo dir li “b sa pa pou fini la, mo p all lapolice”.

Indeed, this won’t end here, my level of craziness has raised, even if i will have to spend more than that, I will make sure this guy suffer, I don’t like to be treated as a liar, when i haven’t lied…

So i called up adarsh, he came some minutes after, went to the police station, the policeman was nice, but unfortunately, he said, we will have to contact “L’acim” , linn donne nou numero la, et monn sonnE, lacim pas ti fini closed at this time i guess, so i went home, revenge in head.

Called L’acim today, they told me i need to come there personally, they said Bell village, but where, I don’t know…

Keep posted… and well.. if there are buyers who don’t know how to shop, plz don’t shop, ask someone who can shop to do it for you… bein hoping that they do come along to buy it!

Comments, advice, critics, supports are all accepted, I wanna nail em, damned, why don’t they have websites like other businesses, ti kapav take my revenge myself, enfin i hope law can make justice.. sinon things would go crazy.